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He would have cut a tragic figure had he succumbed to the shadows, but Richard 'Dick' Grayson is largely the light to the Dark Knight. First known as Batman's kid sidekick Robin, he debuted in DC Comics in 1940 as "The Boy Wonder," with his backstory painting him as the young trapeze artist orphaned by the untimely performance mishap that claimed his parents' lives. Bruce Wayne, who was in the audience and witnessed the tragedy, took him in and schooled him in his crimefighting double life.

Trained by the best detective in the world, Dick is known for his wits, agility, and his sense of humor, and his easygoing personality and good looks have charmed fans over the years in every media incarnation (comics, animation, video games, TV and movies).

Dick would eventually graduate from the sidekick role, lead the Teen Titans, and then don the more independent hero mantle of Nightwing. His character would later evolve to his brief stint as the Caped Crusader, and would even become an agent of Spyral. Whatever adventure DC has in store for him, though, his place in Batman lore can never be questioned, nor can he ever be replaced.


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